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Welcome to Electrical Supply Store

Welcome to The Electrical Supply Store.

We offer a wide range of electrical and electronics supplies from carefully selected merchants.

We hope you enjoy your visit at The Electrical Supply Store and that you will find exactly what you want for a bargain.

Please don't hesitate to click the picture to see the details of each product, and we hope you will find your electrical supplies for the right price here.

Happy shopping!

Electrical Supply Featured Products

Siemens 20 Amp Single Pole Circuit Breaker

* Circuit breaker * Type MP-T * 20 amps * Single pole * 120 volt * 60 Hz * 14-10 AWG


Westinghouse Textured Ceramic Interior Wall Sconce

* Wall sconce * Two raised circular bands add detail to the surface * Unique design allows soft light to radiate from the top and middle of the fixture * Paintable surface lets you apply your choice of color for an individual touch * Use in large or small spaces * Great for a bathroom,, hallway or bedroom * Indoor use only * UL listed for safety * Uses one medium base soft White A19 bulb,, 100 watt maximum- not included * Textured ceramic


RACO Gray Weatherproof Horizontal Receptacle Cover

* For use whenever weatherproof protection is required for an outdoor receptacle * Rugged metallic construction * State-of-the-art powder coat finish provides maximum weather ability and scratch-resistance * Self-closing lids assure weatherproof protection when the receptacle is not in use * Includes installation hardware,, gasket,, and multi-lingual instructions * Gray


Southwire 8" Non Metal Cable Stipper

* Quickly removes outer jacket of 12/2 and 14/2 AWG Romex cable * Stainless steel construction is durable * Shears 8-32 and 6-32 screws * Double dipping grips provides comfortable fit * Serrated hose grasps the cable for easy twisting and pulling * Rust-proof * 7.88" H X 2.19" W X .69" D


Connecticut Electric 20 Amp Single Pole Circuit Breaker

* Type QP * One pole,, plug in * Requires one 1" space * HACR * SWD rated * 120/240 volt AC * 10,,000 AIC * Interchangeable group will fit most General Electric,, General Switch,, ITE,, Murray,, American Switch,, Westinghouse Type BR and Bryant * 20 amp


Halex 1" Set Screw Connector

* Set screw connector - insulated throat * Use indoors * Use to connect EMT conduit to steel outlet box,, load center or metal enclosure * Features: concrete-tight 1/2"-3/4",, concrete-tight when taped 1"-4" * Zinc * 1"



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