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Welcome to Electrical Supply Store

Welcome to The Electrical Supply Store.

We offer a wide range of electrical and electronics supplies from carefully selected merchants.

We hope you enjoy your visit at The Electrical Supply Store and that you will find exactly what you want for a bargain.

Please don't hesitate to click the picture to see the details of each product, and we hope you will find your electrical supplies for the right price here.

Happy shopping!

Electrical Supply Featured Products

Coleman Cable Round Orange Extension Cord

* Single outlet * 16/3 gauge grounded extension cord * UL listed * Round Orange jacket color * 100' cord


Leviton 10 Count 15 Amp White Decora Duplex Receptacle

* Receptacle * Duplex * Tamper resistant * Heavy duty construction * Douple wipe power contacts for reliable conductivity and plug retention * White * 15 amp * 10 count


GB ELECTRICAL Adaptor Kit For CS61200 Circuit Breaker Finder By G B Electrical

* Use with CS61200 Breaker Finder™ to trace switches,, lighting fixtures or other live wiring not terminated with an outlet * Quick connect insulated leads quickly and easily attach to wires * Plug transmitter into screw-in base to trace wires


Leviton Residental Grade 3-Way AC

* Residential grade * AC quiet switch * Toggle lighted handle * Grounding * Illuminated Off 3-way * Quickwire push-in and side wired * Polycarbonate actuator material * Thermoplastic body material * Steel strap material * UL and CSA Standards and Certifications * 10 year limited warranty * White * 1/2 HP * 15 amp * 12 maximum amp * 120 volt


Southwire 4-Way Voltage Tester

* Handy pocket size tester checks live AC voltage from 120 to 489 volts and DC voltage from 160 to 600 volts in 4 steps * AC operating frequency 60Hz * Probes spaced to fit standard AC outlets * Easy to read * Cat II safety rating * ETL certified * Includes: 40140S voltage tester and built in test leads * 5.79" H X 1.30" W X 1.02" D Handy pocket size tester checks live AC voltage from 120 to 489 volts and DC voltage from 160 to 600 volts in 4 steps. Probes spaced to fit standard AC outlets. Cat II safety rating.


Coleman Cable 25' 16/3 Yellow Jacket® Work Light

* Work light * Burn resistant bulb guard * Extra outlet in handle * Extra durable * 13 amp * 25'



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